Hace poco más de un mes que hice esta foto. Uno de esos lugares que te atrapan en el tiempo, con las casitas de siempre en calles con adoquines.
Hace una semana volví a pasar por esta misma calle y, desde el mismo punto donde hice la foto, se veía como habían derribado el edificio que aparece en la derecha y la calle transversal completamente levantada.
La ciudad cambia constantemente y uno con ella. Resulta difícil, almenos para mí, recordar las cosas como eran. Para los que somos nostálgicos, tristemente, esta imagen se ha convertido en un recuerdo más.
I took this photo about a month or so ago. Its of one of those places that seem to be stuck in time, with the same type of houses that you always see with cobble stones lining the streets.
A week ago I returned to to the same street, and from the very same spot that I took the photo, you could see how they had knocked down the building that appeared on the right and had totally dug up the cross roads.
This city is constantly changing and we change with it. This results in it being difficult, especially for me, to remember how the things were. For those of us who are nostalgic, sadly, this image has now converted into just one more memory.

Behind the scenes

We have been busy packing up orders ready to go out to their new homes. We thought we would film a little behind the scenes video to show you what goes on at the Postcards from Barcelona HQ. We are pleased with the result.
Please visit our shop to see the postcards featured in this video.

Look into my eyes!

A special give away.

It hasn’t been that long since we opened our little shop and as a way to commemorate the shop opening and us adding our new favourite prints we would like to do a little competition.

All you need to do is share and like this image on our facebook page. You have until next SUNDAY 17/05/2015 7pm to enter the competition, share & like the photo. We will then draw the winning name out of a hat and send you the print. Good luck!


One for the collection

Hello all,

We have been very busy exploring and collecting our favourite memories and images of the city. With the arrival of Spring has also brought the arrival of the heat we all know and love (or hate as might be the case- hands up!) and this means more time spent outside trying to find different areas and new experiences in this city we know so well.

As we start to collect more and more images we find old and new favourites from our collection. Every time we happen to come across a gem we know we have to get busy and start to make the postcard come to life in print form. We choose a postcard that tells a story about the people or place that is this city. We really believe in these stories, as it is these that make this place so different.

Take this print for instance, a strangely warm winterish day. On the beach as people sunbathe. Makes you chuckle and think to your self “only in Barcelona”. These characters and instances that make Barcelona a weird, funny lively place to live. Learning how to celebrate these instances.

You can now buy this print in our shop, head on over if you haven’t already visited.


Open doors.

We are pleased to introduce something that has been in the works for quite a while. We wanted to get it right and take the time to start creating our products. Here is our brand new Shop.

Postcards is a project that has always been about something tangible. It is a project that is about creating memories and keepsakes of an ever changing environment. We really embrace the idea of holding onto something in your hands, or in a book, or on paper in general, and being able to have that memory provoked by an image.

Some people have kindly enquired about whether we are printing postcards etc. We like the idea of postcards being anything you want them to be. Our favourite images have come to life transformed from a screen into print. We have taken the time in choosing the right postcards, and every one of these has a little story. Something which is represented in the name of every image. We decided that to start off we would offer high quality glicée prints as these are nice keepsakes to have and give something a little bit more special than your average postcard.

Each print has been printed on A4 high quality paper and will be packaged in our own unique way, more details on how coming soon!

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