Els encants vells. I

Mercado de mercados. Una experiencia avanzar entre la gente pudiendo tropezar literalmente con aquel objeto que, sin buscarlo, hizo tu día mejor. Siempre cosas por descubrir. Será por la autenticidad de su gente, la composición de sus estrechos pasillos o la capacidad de soportar las inclemencias del tiempo, que hacía de su visita un recuerdo imborrable.


The market of all markets. Its an experience to walk through the throng of people nearly stepping on that one object, that you weren’t even looking for, which makes your day. There is always something to discover. It must be because of its authentic people, the layout of its narrow passageways or the ability to bear all kinds of harsh weather, that makes your visit an unforgettable memory.

Man waiting for a sale.

A book among millions.

Boy plays guitar.

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